What is this server all about?
The Starting to Rust server is a limited-PVP, non-KOS (kill on sight) server. It's new and casual player friendly while still having the opportunity for the fast paced action Rust is known for. You can farm without worry about being killed randomly for no reason, but build your base well because the raiders will be coming. You can kill and be killed when raiding, counter-raiding, under airdrops and in radtowns/monuments. The server wipes both map and blueprints every two weeks.
What are the rules?
  1. Don't be a dick.

  2. You may only kill when raiding, counter-raiding, under/at airdrops, at a downed helicopter/chinook, and in radtowns/monuments (anything with a text label on the map as well as cargo ship and the oil rigs).

    • PVP @ Monuments - You must both be in the monument. Being "in" the monument is defined as being on or within an element not found in the natural rust world (for example on concrete, inside walls or fences, etc.). With sea based monuments such as the oil rigs and cargo ship, the PVP zone extends to directly below and along-side the monument as well.
    • PVP @ Airdrop/Crate - Once the airdrop/crate disappears shooting stops. You may not leave an airdrop/crate on the ground for the purpose of extending PVP an unreasonable length and you must remove all items from the drop/crate when you reach it, even if you just throw the items you don't want on the ground. NOTE: If an airdrop/crate happens in a monument, PVP never stops and the above rule "PVP @ Monuments" also applies.
    • PVP @ Downed Helicopter/Chinook - A downed helicopter/chinook is a PVP zone until either: the boxes/crate and helicopter/chinook body have been mined, or the party who took down the helicopter/chinook calls PVP over in chat. Once PVP has stopped, it cannot be restarted. The helicopter/chinook crash indicator and/or the locked crate indicator on the map means nothing as far as if an area is PVP or not. NOTE: If a downed helicopter/chinook happens in a monument, PVP never stops and the above rule "PVP @ Monuments" also applies.
    • PVP @ A "Free Base" - If a player wishes to give away a base and posts door codes in public chat, that base is a non-PVP zone until another player changes the door codes, clears and claims TC, and calls out in chat that they have claimed the base.
  3. Raid limits:

    • You and/or your team may only raid 2 bases/compounds per day. The day is defined as 12:00 AM through 11:59 PM Eastern time. If you're not in Eastern time, use WorldTimeBuddy to see the conversion.
    • You may not raid any base in the no raid zone (NRZ). This zone is made up of sectors in columns M and N. Note that if you build in the NRZ you and your team may not raid at all (you can counter a raid but you cannot then continue the raid). Additionally you cannot store C4, satchel charges, rocket launchers, rockets, explosives, or explosive ammo in the NRZ.
    • You may not raid at all the first 24-hours after the wipe.
  4. Maximum group size is 4.

    • You may do monuments/events with players outside your team but you're still limited to only 4 players together at one time.
    • You may only raid with your main group with whom you base.
    • You may not share codes or keys with anyone not on your team.
    • No construction of multi-team compounds. What is considered to be a compound is multiple bases surrounded by a common barrier, or in close proximity, or any set of bases deemed to be a compound by the admin team.
    • Any group suspected of being bigger than 4 can be removed from the server at any time.
  5. A quarry can be walled in, and any associated structures on/in a quarry can be taken over.

  6. No bad sportsmanship:

    • No robbing (demanding a player give up their loot whether you kill them or not).
    • No downing (damaging someone until they fall, looting them, and then reviving them).
    • No luring (getting someone into your base just to kill them).
    • No door camping.
    • No griefing or taking over a base as a result of a raid (note Quarry exception above).
    • No placing traps outside your walls and no placing turrets that can shoot outside your walls (even when raiding, at an airdrop, or downed helicopter). SAM sites can only be placed on your primary base or in the compound where your primary base is located.
    • No despawning.
  7. No attempts to damage or use admin created items/buildings in any ways not intended (including but not limited to as defense from the helicopter/chinook when attempting to take it down).

What is purge?

Approximately 24 hours before wipe the purge starts. You'll be given mass amounts of food, weapons, and explosives and can basically go nuts. During purge there are no rules so destroy, kill, and cause general mayhem to your hearts content.

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